We recommended that your BakkiBuddi is mounted in your vehicle using the brackets supplied to keep it accessible from the back at all times. Suggested positions are on the right / left hand side of the load area, above the canopy door or on the tail gate of the vehicle. Use a power driver to fix the brackets using the self drilling screws. Pre drilling a 3.5 mm hole would simplify this process.
Note the position of the brackets when side mounting. The front bracket should be positioned opposite the narrow section of the tool. This ensures easy storage of your BakkiBuddi by sliding the front section into the bracket as opposed to clipping it in. When mounting the tool in any other position, align both brackets opposite the rear section of the handle to ensure a tight fit.
To extend the handle, hold the hook with one hand and twist the rear part of the tool in an anti clockwise direction with the other. Extend to required length and lock by twisting in a clockwise direction. Note the limit mark when extending the handle. Do not extend past this point.

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